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Graphic Design

I’m an award-winning graphic designer who specializes in all things print. From brochures and books to outdoor signs, I have a wide range of experience to guide you through your next print project with ease. Welcome to my site!



"Thank you to Beverly Watkins for your knowledge of printers and paper and software and timelines, and your amazingly keen eyes for each and every detail and, of course, also your endless patience for book-creating newbies and technologically-challenged first-timers.” – Bob Kovar, photographer, regarding the design and production of his book Beneath the Eagle Tree.


“Special thanks to the amazingly creative and patient Bev Watkins of Watkins Graphic Design for the beautiful layout and design of this book.” – Mary Burns, fiber artist, regarding her book Women and Water. Woven Portraits from Around the World.


“Thanks to Bev Watkins, and old and dear friend, who stepped up with wonderful enthusiasm and skill to do the layout and design for this book. She was a joy to work with.” – John Bates, the author of 10 books and a contributor to seven others, regarding his book Wisconsin’s Wild Lakes. A Guide to the Last Undeveloped Natural Lakes

Wild Lakes of Wisconsin book
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