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I have always been an artist and designer at heart. I began my career as a graphic designer in Denver, CO and moved up to art director and then creative director for a regional department store in Green Bay, WI. From there I moved on to ad agency work creating ad campaigns for local, regional, and international clients. I am currently freelancing through my business Watkins Design and I thoroughly enjoy working with my current clients. They're the best! And of course, future clients are always welcome. So if you have a project you'd like me to help you with, please send me an email via my contact page. I'd love to hear from you. 


In 2012 I established Beverly Jane Design when I fell in love with surface pattern design. It was a fun way to use my computer skills and end up with gorgeous fabrics that I personally created. You can find my patterns in my studio at where they can be printed on a variety of fabrics and wallpaper. I continue to add new patterns as the spirit moves me. My latest adventure in the arts, however, is in the creation of art quilts. They incorporate all of my skills in one art form. I am self-taught and I love to incorporate embroidery in my quilts, and sometimes my photography. Some are inspired by nature and others are simply abstract, two sides of my personality that seem to awaken in the process. They are such fun to make, mistakes and all, and I will joyfully continue my journey of discovery in this wonderful world of all things fiber. I’m excited to see where it takes me.  

Queen of the Prairie_WIX.jpg

(Photo: Queen of the Prairie, my favorite wildflower)

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